Add Non Python Applications to FreedomBox

I recently purchased one of these and am very happy to have it up and running. I was wondering if it was possible to integrate other software into the admin panel. I read through the contribution docs and there doesn’t appear to be a way.

For example, if I wrote an application in my preferred languages (vue.js/go) would it be possible for me to add them to the App panel?

FreedomBox seems pretty tied to Python and I’d love to contribute applications to the project, but I’m trying to bolster my skills in my preferred languages and don’t have the time to start developing in another one.

Only just started looking at the code, but pretty sure you can write an app in whatever you want.
You’ll probably need to add a python module to plinth which wraps the preferences and whatnot for your app.

One of the devs can correct me if I’m off.

@OceanLlama That’s correct.

@fausty The applications typically aren’t contained within the FreedomBox web interface itself. Instead, FreedomBox installs and configures other Debian packages that have the applications, which can be written in any language.